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When you’re at a festival the drinks are almost as important as your festival outfit. The right drink will elevate a bad experience and the wrong drink will make it worse.

There used to be only two options: soda or water. But now, the world of alcohol-free beverages is awash with choices. There are a variety of refreshing festival drinks, from non-alcoholic wine and beer to zesty mocktails.

Red Wine

The perfect red wine for a festival is smooth and light enough to stand up to the heat and also cool you down. It should be fruity and able to hold up to the strong flavours of many types of food. A Pinot Noir, a Shiraz or even a Malbec should all be easy to drink at a music event and will also pair well with a range of dishes.

festival drinks

Red wines are known for their wide range of aromas. These aromas are created by the interaction between organic compounds, grape skins, and acids. These include fruity flavors like raspberry and cherry as well as floral notes, such as violet or rose, as well as earthy characteristics, such as forest floor and licorice. This combination of characteristics is what makes red wine so versatile.

There are many recipes online for red wine cocktail, but the majority of them involve making a mocktail with sugar and spices or herbs. These drinks are fine if you have the time to prepare them, but it’s much easier to make a drink that uses natural ingredients that will not clash with the tannins in your favourite bottle of red wine.

Mixing red wine with sparkling water will make it easy to drink, and delicious. The simple and refreshing combination kalimotxo is wine and Coke, but it is Georgian not Colombian. It originated in Spain. The sparkling water will lift the wine, and add sweetness to contrast the bitterness and acidity of the wine.

Add a little whisky or gin to your glass of wine. The gin’s spicy and aromatic properties will balance the wine, and compliment it. When choosing a spirit to pair with your wine, look for a high-quality gin with a distinctive botanical aroma, such as Sipsmith VJOP, Dillon’s Dry Gin 7 or Letherbee Original Label.


A cold beer can provide a welcome respite from the heat of a festival. Not only does the cold refresh, but it also provides a good opportunity to socialize with friends and fellow festival-goers.

With so many styles of beers available on the market, there is a beer to suit almost anyone’s taste. There are malty, hoppy and even drinks to replace desserts if you want your sugar fix. As a beverage that is easily portable and can be consumed quickly, it makes for the perfect drink for festivals.

A pilsner is a popular style of beer that can be served either in a glass, or on tap. The brewing method involves boiling liquid wort which is basically water mixed barley and other grains. The wort then passes through a lautertun, which separates liquid from spent grains. Lautering is used to remove any grains clumps that may affect the flavor and texture of the final product.

Another popular option is to brew lager with yeast that produces lactic acid. This fermentation process helps to reduce the overall acidity of the finished product and creates a smoother, lighter body. Lagers are refreshing and a great choice for a festival in the sun.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, consider trying out an experimental beer. These beers can be flavored or infused with ingredients such as fruit, coffee, chocolate, spices and even peanut butter. Often, these beers have high alcohol content and are served in a pint glass.

For example, a beer that has been infused with cinnamon, ginger and other spices can make for an aromatic and delicious cocktail. Another interesting variation of the traditional beer is to chill stout, which can give it an unique and creamy texture. This type of beer is perfect for enjoying after a heavy meal or in combination with a dessert.

Fruit Juice

Many lantern festivals have a wide range of drinks. There’s something for everyone, from Louisiana craft beer to go cup cocktails and fresh-pressed juice to coffee-cherry tea. While most festival beverages are high in calories, there are plenty of healthier options to help you enjoy a festive drink without packing on extra pounds.

The juice is made by macerating or mechanically pressing the flesh of whole fruit or vegetables, and then pressing the liquid out. The juice is then concentrated, pasteurized, and packaged for sale. Commercial juices are often bottled and then stored in a chilled area to improve their shelf life. Some juices are flavored with other ingredients such as spices and herbs. These flavored drinks are called juice cocktails or juice drinks. Other products that are marketed as fruit juice include purees, smoothies and nectars. A product labelled as fruit juice must contain only 100% juice with no other added ingredients. Smoothies are blended drinks that can include crushed fruits, purees or fruit juice, yoghurt, milk, or yoghurt. They must be clearly marked as such.


It’s important to keep plenty of water available for hydration. Water-based beverages are available in the form of juices, smoothies infused waters, and even the good old water bottle.

Bring your own drinks to a festival if you plan to drink alcohol. You don’t want a bar cart full of drinks to carry around! You can bring a cooler to keep your drinks cold, but check the rules of the festival before you go.

There are many benefits that drinks brands can gain from being listed at a festival. The first is the volume of sales that can be generated by a drinks brand being listed at a music festival.

Festival organisers are able to give drinks brands their audience profile and historical sales information, which can help them prepare for a successful appearance at a festival. Another benefit is category exclusivity which can be an advantage if a drinks brand can secure it.

Fill up your plastic bottles with water before you head to your music festival. Staying hydrated and avoiding over-drinking is important at any music festival. It will keep you happy and prevent any possible hangovers.

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