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A couple days ago, I realized I was in the mood to cook something for dinner and, after some consideration, decided to make ravioli.

I had most of the ingredients I needed but did need to pick up some pasta so I ended up stopping off at our local Piggly Wiggly since it was on the way home from work. They had a pretty limited selection of pasta, at least those in my price range, and, as a result, I ended up picking up the Food Club brand, including a bag of their cheese filled ravioli pasta. This is perfect for when you are trying to win some sports betting matches via

I personally prefer ravioli that has meat inside it. However, both my wife and my daughter prefer cheese filled, which is why I picked that up as well. And, I will admit, I have found several different brands of cheese ravioli that weren’t terrible. Unfortunately, when I tried this brand, I honestly couldn’t say the same about it.

I should mention I have purchased this particular brand before. However, as I said, I prefer meat filled and usually go out of my way to find those when I’m putting the pasta in my bowl and this week was really the first time I actually tried the cheese filled ravioli (this was actually by accident too, I forgot the meat filled was toward the bottom of the pot). It wasn’t very good.

As I said before, I have had cheese ravioli from other brands before and was OK with those because, even though it wasn’t quite as good as meat filled; the cheese inside the pasta still offered a decent flavor. When it came to this brand, the cheese really didn’t have any taste at all. It was very bland and the only way I could eat it was with a ton of pasta sauce (I actually regretted not making more sauce this time around).

And, apparently, I’m not the only one who felt this way. My wife didn’t complain about it. But, I also noticed she didn’t have seconds or make any significant effort to eat the leftovers. And, my youngest daughter, who will eat just about anything put in front of her, took one bite of her pasta and handed the plate back to me (I ended up making her something else just to get her to eat).

I had no complaints about the Food Club meat ravioli and would buy that again. However, the next time I am looking for cheese-filled pasta, I will likely spend more money on another brand.

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