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I was in the mood for chicken one day so I headed into the House of Chicken at 34908 Gratiot in Clinton Township for lunch. I had never been to this restaurant before so I didn’t know what to expect- taste-wise or price-wise.

When I walked into the business, a young lady was sweeping the floor. That was a good sign. This establishment was clean. It was approaching lunch time and I could tell they had just opened up for the day.

As I walked in a man gave me a friendly greeting at the counter and took my order. I wanted to try their broasted chicken and make an assessment so I ordered two pieces. I didn’t specify which two pieces so they gave me a leg and a thigh. I was told that it would take 10 minutes for my order. It took a little more than 10 minutes, but would have been barely noticeable if I hadn’t been watching the time.

The chicken was made to order. The cook dropped my two pieces in to cook right after I placed my order. When I was handed my House of Chicken order I immediately smelled the aroma of hot broasted chicken. It smelled very good. I knew this chicken was freshly prepared so I didn’t have to worry about dried out overheated chicken.

When I settled in to taste the chicken, first the leg, it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I usually like spicy foods so it took some getting used to that this chicken had no spice. I enjoy it for what it was.

As for price, I think House of Chicken is reasonably priced for a suburban chicken restaurant. Individual pieces of chicken range from 99 cents for a chicken wing to $2.79 for a chicken breast. Some of the multi- piece chicken meals make sense economically, while others seemed a little pricey. This restaurant also offers ribs, seafood and broasted potatoes.

House of Chicken in Clinton Township doesn’t have a drive-thru so prepare to stop in and wait for your order inside. If they drop the chicken in to cook after you order, it’ll take about 10 minutes for a small order. You could play 바카라 사이트 online while you wait for your meal to be served. 

The staff is courteous and gets a thumbs up from me in that regard. The restaurant is also clean so you’ll feel more confident placing an order there. There are several tables in the restaurant so you can stay and eat your lunch or dinner after you pick it up from the counter. I don’t recall there being any music playing in the restaurant so you’ll have to create your own ambiance.

I would recommend House of Chicken for someone looking for a quick snack. The chicken menu prices could be a but more reasonable, but overall it is fine for an occasional meal.

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