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YouTube is an online video sharing platform that lets users to view, share, rate, and also report inappropriate videos. According to Alexa Internet, YouTube is only second to Google in terms of popularity. Users can subscribe to channels on YouTube so that they are notified when new video is uploaded on the channel. A user can also upload videos on YouTube but before doing that they need to create a YouTube account. Unregistered users can only view, but not upload videos. You can find videos related to almost anything that you can think of – education, shows, music, speeches, and news. Since it is easier to learn something by watching someone else do it, rather than just reading the instructions on a webpage or in a book, YouTube has become the go-to option for people who want to learn something new. If you want to have this strategy into your processes, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via
The number of likes, dislikes, and views are displayed with every video on YouTube. These could be thought of as parameters which help users decide the quality of content in the video. Following are few reasons why YouTube likes are important:

  • A huge amount of likes on a video signifies that the content was actually helpful to those many people since they not only watched the video but also took out time to like it.
  • Getting YouTube likes gives the video creator a satisfaction that there are takers for what they are offering.
  • Videos with many likes are ranked higher by the YouTube algorithm and therefore videos with a large amount of likes will attract more viewers. The viewers can turn into subscribers which will be highly beneficial in case you wish to monetize your YouTube channel.
  • If a registered user likes your video then it will be saved in their feed under liked videos.
  • If a video is not getting enough likes, then this should be taken as an indication that the content needs improvement. Experts suggest that there should be a 4% like to view ratio, which means that out of 100 people who viewed the video, at least 4 should have liked it.

How to get more likes

  • Use well-formed titles – A good title framed using well researched keywords will help the algorithm in determining the relevancy of your video and also help the viewer understand what your video is about.
  • Provide useful content – Your content should either be highly entertaining, educational or should help the viewer in some way. Make sure that what you offer is better than what your competitors are offering.
  • Share your videos – To get likes, your videos should get enough views. Share your content on various social media platforms in order to grow your audience.

Due to the ease of uploading videos, YouTube has helped content creators (video bloggers) to convey their content to a huge audience. YouTube has also increased the number of options available to the audience, and also since most of the videos are uploaded by individuals instead of TV networks, a large part of the audience finds the content to be relatable.

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People participating in this feel this step as a risk because it is already a small scale, and the profits earned cannot be more. Still, suppose the ideas are different, and the work is done properly and required without missing or messing anything. In that case, there are chances of a small scale industry automatically converting into large scale industry because of their products’ public demand.
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