Phil’s Chicken House in Endicott, New York: Restaurant Review

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Phil’s Chicken House in Endicott, New York is home to the daily buffet and known for its catering and good chicken either fried, roasted or bbq’d. Phil’s is a very casual style family restaurant and they are typically very busy anytime of day or night. It seems people enjoy buffet style food where you can get a bigger bang for your buck. All buffets include salad bar, soup on most nights, dessert, assorted fruits/salad, and typically puddings, brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Unless specified, beverages are an additional charge.

Phil’s is decorated in country style décor and has two dining rooms-an upstairs and downstairs. The downstairs is decorated in light houses which adorn every possible space available. We like to go downstairs instead of upstairs for the Sunday brunch because it is a little less frequented and the dining room is smaller, and the buffet is more easily accessible. I think secretly we hope to not see anyone we know.

These are items featured on the 7 day dinner buffets.
Monday 4-9 pm $8.99/adult, $4.99/child:
Roasted turkey, bbq chicken, ribs, soup, salad bar, dessert

Tuesday 4-9 pm, $10.49/adult, $4.99/child
Bbq chicken, ribs, peel and eat shrimp, buffalo style wings, beverage and dessert included

Wednesday and Thursday 4-9 pm $6.99/adult, $4.99/child
Bbq chicken, ribs, fresh fish, hot vegetables, salad bar, fruit, dessert

Friday and Saturday $4-9 pm 9.49/adult, $4.99 child
Bbq chicken, ribs, beef, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, salad bar, dessert

Sunday 12-8 pm $9.49/adult, $4.99/child
Bbq chicken, ribs, grilled fish, vegetables, potatoes, soup, salad bar, fruit, dessert

Phil’s Chicken House is also very well known for its breakfast buffet and seems to be a frequented place for churchgoers and families looking for a decent buffet at an affordable price. They used to offer a brunch on Saturday for about four dollars, but have since done away with it, due to lack of patronage. However, the Sunday brunch continues in full swing and is back at its later closing hour of 12 instead of 11. Be sure to get there well before 12 because they do start cleaning up the breakfast items prior to the next buffet, the Sunday lunch/dinner buffet and there will be slim pickings or you will have to try to glean a last sticky bun or brownie from one of the waitresses. The dining room manager is also very cautious to not let breakfast brunch goers have access to the lunch buffet and I have even heard him tell a waitress to hide the spoons so no one there for the breakfast buffet thinks they were eligible for the upcoming soup!

The breakfast buffet is overall decent and covers the main items you would want to have for breakfast. They are quick to refill empty holding pans, and you never really see the bottom of one as they keep piling fresh servings on top. The bacon is crisp, sausage patty juicy, scrambled eggs are decent but plain. The home fries are actually quite good as is the French toast. You can also get biscuits and sausage gravy, although I personally am not a fan of their biscuits, but I have heard many love them. English muffins come buttered and you can add your own jelly. I do also have a special penchant for the sticky buns. The cookies and brownies are mediocre and I would prefer an extra sticky bun to one of them. Orange juice is included and coffee is extra but very cheap (about $1.50 and they put several cups worth of coffee in a coffee carafe for you). The breakfast brunch is pretty cheap ($6.49/adult, $3.99/child) and goes from 8-12. This is definitely a big place for large families and it is often noisy in the dining room but the wait staff keep the place pretty clean and are quick to remove dirty plates and turn around tables. This is perfect when you are playing some fun sports betting games via

Phil’s Chicken House specializes in catering for your home party, holiday party or office function. There are nine choices to select from with the starting price of $7.99 for a 10 person meal including ¼ bbq chicken, country baked ham, 3 side dishes and dinner rolls to $10.99 for a meal including chicken, ribs, three sides and rolls. Other variations include different sized bbq chickens, roast beef tips, chicken and biscuits, ham and spare ribs. My husband’s employees love Phil’s and always request to get Phil’s bbq chicken and chicken and biscuits whenever they are planning a holiday party. Servings are generous and it is definitely stick to your ribs food.

You can also get take out from opening until close. Items for take out include 8, 12, 16, and 20 piece chicken dinners including mashed potatoes, cold slaw, loaf of bread, gravy for prices ranging from $13.49 to $31.99. Chicken also comes by the tub. For a quick meal on the go you can purchase a lunch box for $4.99 which includes your choice of either ¼ chicken or chicken and biscuits with mashed potato, cold slaw and a roll or a dinner box for $6.49, including ½ a chicken or chicken and biscuits and the above additions. Phil’s is also known for its homemade baked pies and you can order them by the slice or purchase entire pies. They do a hefty business around the holiday season with their pies.

You won’t get any frills at Phil’s Chicken House and if you are looking for gourmet food, this is not the place to go. Although, Phil’s was once featured in Gourmet magazine years ago for its excellent chicken. However, if you are looking for decent food at a decent price in a country style, family atmosphere where you can eat all you want, and get good chicken to boot, Phil’s Chicken House is the place for you.

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